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Know These 5 Miracle Ayurvedic Remedies To Cure Indigestion

Jan 02, 2023

Mukul Shah

Most of us suffer from acidity or indigestion problems after meals. Mostly this happens when we consume spicy food as it takes a lot to be digested, and hence this causes heartburn. Hence, this causes the most common symptoms of acidity or indigestion. But there’s nothing to worry about, as Ayurveda has great cures for this. 

When you face the burning sensation in your stomach, you must neglect it as it may also cause you other diseases. So, please treat it soon so that no complications arise later. Moreover, other than spicy food, there are more reasons our body secretes acidity. Excessive spicy food, binge eating, irregular eating, snacking, smoking, and consumption of tobacco and alcohol are some more reasons for acidity. 

Most of us consume churan while we suffer from acidity. But why don’t we consider ayurvedic curbs? Ayurveda has natural curbs, which not just help us to heal quickly but at the same time help to lower the complications further. 

You can even talk to certified doctors at the Life chart from Ayush Ministry. They will help you understand your situation deeply and give a good solution. 

In this blog, we will help you with some ayurvedic hacks which will help you cure indigestion and act as a miracle to prevent such complications in future.

The top ayurvedic remedy to cure indigestion!

1.      Coconut Water

You must have heard about the unique benefits of coconut water, haven’t you? But have you ever heard that it could cure indigestion as well? Coconut water is enriched with cooling effects with electrolytes, and hence this is capable of soothing the stomach. In the ayurvedic language, coconut water is known as Sheetal, which pacifies the pitta dosha; hence, it can act as the best remedy to treat indigestion. So, if you constantly face indigestion, have a glass of coconut water regularly for ultimate benefits. 

2.      Jaggery or Gur

Have your parents ever encouraged you to have jaggery right after having your meal? If yes, then it’s for your ultimate benefit. Jaggery contains magnesium, and this helps to boost your intestinal issues, including acid reflux. Moreover, when you consume jaggery regularly, your digestion system is improved; hence, it even becomes stronger in the future. All you need to do is have just a small piece of jaggery after meals and keep chewing for good results. 

3.      Ginger

Ginger is another type of ayurvedic herb considered wonderful for curing indigestion. As ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties, it acts as the best ingredient to cure acid reflux. It is the reason why many people prefer to use ginger while preparing their meals. You can even use ginger in your everyday tea. Just boil it in a pan; hence, this would work wonders to cure heartburn and acidities. 

You can even go for an Ayurveda consultation with doctors at Life chart for more in-depth support. 

4.      Buttermilk

You must have seen people having buttermilk or chaach after they have had their meals. Well, chaach acts as a good home remedy for heartburn. Buttermilk contains lactic acid, an ultimate benefit for normalizing acidity in your stomach. Moreover, if you do make a habit of consuming buttermilk after your meal every day, it will keep all your acid problems at bay. 

5.      Mulethi

Your parents might have made you consume mulethi when you are ill and suffering from chronic health diseases. But do you know that mulethi is a famous home remedy to treat hyperacidity too? It has a sweet and cold taste, which can regulate the stomach’s acid secretion. It will not just protect your digestive tract but also helps to heal stomach ulcers. 

So, are you suffering from the issues of indigestion constantly? If so, you can take online consultations from Ayurveda doctors at Life chart