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Liver Care By Lifechart Ayurveda (Instant Relief) . All in one Liver Detox & Fatty Liver Remedy for boosting your Liver Health (60 capsules)-FICCI Lab tested

Liver Care By Lifechart Ayurveda (Instant Relief) . All in one Liver Detox & Fatty Liver Remedy for boosting your Liver Health (60 capsules)-FICCI Lab tested

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Lifechart ayurveda Liver Care – A Complete Liver Protector That Supports Liver Health And Helps With Fatty Liver Pack of 1 (60 Capsules)

Benifits of the Product 

  • Treats fatty Liver by reducing fat accumulation in liver cells.
  • This is an Ayurvedic 100% natural medicine for Fatty Liver
  • This helps in cleaning & detoxifying liver and promotes Liver health
  • This will also help in increasing energy levels & immunity
  • It's anti inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties will protect liver from oxidative stress
  • Helps boost bile secretion and regularize bowel movements for better digestive function.

About this item

  • BENEFITS: Supports healthy liver functions. Beneficial for fatty liver. Improves metabolism to help you manage weight. This Ayurvedic Liver Vegan capsule is a powerful liver care supplement to help protect from damage caused by free radicals, excessive alcohol consumption, various allopathic medicines & drugs. Ab apne liver ko rakhe hamesha swasth aur zabardast!
  • DOSAGE & DURATION: Consume daily 1 tablets after breakfast & 1 tablets after dinner. Consume for minimum 3 months for best results. In case of Fatty Liver, consume for minimum 6 months. SUITABLE FOR – Anyone who has any liver disorders, fatty liver, high cholesterol, chronic digestion issues & low metabolism, or consumes junk or processed food, alcohol can have this Ayurvedic Liver Detox Supplement.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Ancient Ayurvedic scripture ‘Charak Samhita’ & 100s of clinical research papers found KUTKI to be a potent formula to support healthy liver functions & help protect it from external damage. Guggulu is beneficial for fatty liver. When combined with other herbs, Guggulu helps in improving their benefits. Triphala improves quality of bile or digestive juices that throw out waste from your body. Neem Juice ensures 100% absorption of all 13 herbs for a healthy liver.
  • ABOUT PRODUCT: Lifechart  Liver Care is 100% Ayurvedic formula made with 13 clinically tested pure herbs, formulated by BAMS Ayurveda doctors . Made in GMP certified factory with FSSAI approval, FICCI Lab tested . Zero Side-effects. Better than other liver detox products like milk thistle tablets, fatty liver ayurvedic medicine, cod liver oil capsules for women, ordinary cod liver oil, raw kutki powder, fish liver oil, silymarin tablets.

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