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Hair Growth hacks from Ayurveda

Hair Growth hacks from Ayurveda

Dec 29, 2022

Mukul Shah

Are you constantly struggling to grow your hair but not finding any good solution to it? Have you tried various oils, shampoos and even hair growth essential oils, but still, there’s no growth in your scalp? Now must be the time to try out Ayurveda. Well, ayurvedic supplements contain natural ingredients that improve your hair volume and protect your hair from breakage.

People who are looking to grow their hair usually try out chemical-based products. But this is not the apt approach to growing your hair naturally. There are some ayurvedic natural products which you can try out. These would help you serve your purpose and, at the same time, would not cause any side effects. So, try out some natural remedies to help yourself grow hair with Ayurveda naturally in 1 month.

Some hair growth hacks from Ayurveda!

Numerous hacks can help you with hair fall treatment from Ayurveda. Unlike other chemically filled products, ayurvedic products do not threaten a person’s health.

Let’s find out the top hacks for hair growth through Ayurveda:

1.      Amla and shikakai hair mask

Do you know that amla and shikakai hair masks are a rich source of vitamin C? Well, this is quite true, as the presence of vitamin C in the scalp boosts hair growth. How? As this would further promote the collagen boost in your scalp. Moreover, shikakai is blessed with antioxidant properties, and hence this can fight the damage which might be caused due to free radicals. Furthermore, the composition of amla boosts blood circulation in the scalp promoting hair growth.

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2.      Jojoba oil and egg yolk hair mask

Your scalp develops fungus, which restricts the growth of hair. How must this be treated? Well, you can try out jojoba oil and egg yolk hair masks. As these are enriched with antifungal properties, this would effectively maintain a healthy scalp and remove all the dead skin from your scalp, making it better for hair growth.

3.      Try out herbs

Well, if you are facing a dry scalp or itchiness on your scalp, these can be the signs that your scalp has grown unhealthy with time. But do not panic; you can get this healed with the help of certain herbs. Yes, herbs are enriched with the goodness of antioxidants and are packed with supplements which nourish the head. Herbs such as methi, amla, hibiscus, aloe vera, curry leaves, coconut oil, and til oil are best for hair regrowth Ayurveda.

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4.      Bhringraj

Are you aware that bhringraj is also known as ‘false daisy’? Why? Because it is probably grown in moist areas. Nevertheless, it is enriched with calcium, vitamins, magnesium, and iron and is known to be the best for hair regrowth. Bhringraj oil or products rich in bhringraj are most commonly used to heal hair-related issues. This is because this is regarded as a natural remedy, decreasing hair loss. Furthermore, it soothes the scalp and enhances the blood flow of hair follicles and the scalp. Follow the above remedies religiously. Remember to be patient and trust the process, for more help you can connect ayurveda doctors online at Life Chart.